Michael's Place

Beaverton, Oregon

Mission Statement
          ...a place where people with developmental disabilities and special needs can celebrate life and the health benefits of working and caring for horses.

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We are dedicated to providing a challenging work and recreational program to help individuals grow in self-esteem, confidence, socialization, acceptance, and become productive individuals recognized for their accomplishments.
Our participants have the opportunity to enjoy both working and caring for Miniature horses, Shetland ponies and  rescue horses on a daily or weekly basis.  We help them build the skills to take care of and handle a horse and to socialize by working in a group environment.
There is something magic about the interaction of "Special People with Special Horses".  Not only does the handler learn to care for the horses but the horses learn to care for the special handler.
"Animals are the most agreeable of friends,
they ask no questions, pass no judgements."
               - T.S. Elliot


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